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Notes Towards Day 18: Gaming You

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Kim Nortrop, "A Game of You," from The Dream Suite, inspired by The Sandman

I. coursekeeping
notes today by TPB1988 & jrf

Thursday: continue discussing A Game of You

last week's performance of "Restless" (w/ sweetpea):
the Professor performed w/ his subconscious
(saying something about teachers in particular...?)

your papers/my responses:
teal & nk0825 got me thinking about what happens to the
literary kind that is a syllabus, when it is written collaboratively

rmeyers and sgb90 on the "liquid" connections between objects and their definitions
so: what happens to analytical work when it encounters texts that challenge/mock the consistency/transparency of language, narrative, intellectual work altogether? (how to do it??)

as deep questions from jrf on the unstability of self; skindeep on reversibility of time

linked sequence of papers about the changing form of the book:

TPB1988's lament for the end of it;
mkarol's distinction between "formless content" (in which re-mediating has
little or no effect) and "definite content” (where the reformatting matters);
aseidman's creation of a paper in the form of an audio book/performance;
Herbie's history of the book (a whole sheep to produce 2 pages,
a whole flock to make a single volume....!)

several of you focused on adaptations:
Molly: can we believe the "successful quest" of Allen's Alice?
spleenfiend: Why try to make sense of a parody, which aims to draw attention to absurdities?
cf. ShaynaS: nonsense as route to meaning, and Phoebe following rules (wherefrom?...)

several of you looked @ dreaming:
aybala50: as threatening one's identity?
xhan: as resembling fictions?
rachelr: commenting on commenting, interlinearly

Serendip's answer to jrlewis's related question: Would it
be appealing to view one’s intellectual history in single page?

II. a very important "leftover" from Alice in Movieland
(transitional to talking about the form of graphic narratives)

rmeyers on Tenniel's sketches--dimension of the novel we haven't discussed,
especially significant as we turn to the newly emerging form of graphic narrative

What is the relation between text and image in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

(What was the relation between text and image in your own essays??)

III. These are important foils to our discussion of the relation of text
and image in the newly evolving genre of graphic narrative.
Not much analytic commentary, yet, but
(thanks to Shayna...)

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aseidman: an exclusive club

her friend David Joria,
who writes storylines for the comics featured by Tangent Artists,
come to tell us something about the collaborative process of constructing in this medium....

Go 'round and say one sentence re: your initial reaction/one question re: The Game of You

TPB1988: I could see my dreams getting out of control

ShaynaS: do we keep track of what is actually happening?

what was your EXPERIENCE of encountering the text?
what did you LEARN/can you THEORIZE about that experience--
and its relevance to our conversations here?

Today's central question:
what particular contribution can
the genre of the graphic novel
make to our understandings of genre?

(cf. to the ways that other genres--novels, poems, plays,
essays, films, the visual and plastic arts--operate on us;
what do they show us about the ways words vs. images operate?)
what particular contribution does THIS graphic novel make?

notes today by TPB1988 & jrf