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Notes Towards Day 12

Notes Towards Day 12 of Food for Thought

I. Sarah's survey

II. Welcoming Peter's class--

introduce yourself to one person you don't know
tell each other some unlikely fact...
(something interesting you'll do over break....?)

III. Review of upcoming writing/reading assignments:
By this morning: you should have posted your survey questions (in Week 6A)
(missing 3 of you; Sara: LOG ON)
By 5 p.m. tomorrow: e-mail us your self-evals
By 5 p.m. Mon after break: post your data in Week 6B
(Anna, move your data; Michelle, enlarge your image)

OVER break:
you are being heartily nudged
to read Prodigal Summer and/or Ahab's Wife (Chs. 29-54)

First Tuesday after break:
Peter's AWOL, Paul Grobstein
will join us to get us looking @/thinking about implications of
ambiguous figures....look @ links on-line;
read his essay about 'em in our packet....

This will kick off the third unit in the course:
1) choosing our food ("self')
2) selecting our data ("science")
3) analyzing it: making our interpretations ("humanities")...
(enroute to "ethical choices"....)


IV. Welcoming Wil Franklin ,
lab instructor for some of you....?
& our (one of our) source for Prodigal Summer....
here to model data-collecting/selecting:

Do Caterpillars Make Choices?