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Biodiversity - Week 10

These pages are being generated as part of a senior seminar course directed by Neal Williams at Bryn Mawr College during fall semester, 2007. This week's topic is "Biodiversity and multiple trophic levels"

Reading to be discussed:

  • Naeem, S. Thompson, L.J., Lawler, S.P., Lawton, J.H., and Woodfin, R.M. (1994) Declining biodiversity can alter the performance of ecosystems. Nature 368: 734-737.
  • Dobson, A., Lodge, D. Alder, J., Cumming, G.S., Keymer, J., McGlade, J, Mooney, H., Rusak, J.A. Sala, O., Wolters, V., Wall, D., Winfree, R., and Xenopoulos, M. A. (2006) Habitat loss, trophic collapse, and the decline of ecosystem services. Ecology 87(8): 1915-1924.


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