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Continuing Conversations: Education and Technology

Education and Technology:

The Conversation Continues ...


From an earlier venue (October, 2004 - October, 2007)

Jody Cohen and I have had an interesting/enjoyable time reflecting on ten years of Serendip experiences with education and the web. Its been a particularly useful thinking through because of Jody's background and extensive experience in education together with the fact that she (unlike me) has NOT previously been actively involved in using the web as an educational tool. The upshot is that our joint "summary" is very much a "work in progress", not just a description of the past by someone who has been committed to the activity but a thinking through of what it might mean for the future.

Still, it is no more than a snapshot in the present, and a snapshot reflecting only two perspectives. If the web is to play some kind of major role in reshaping education, as both I and (now) Jody imagine it might, there is a need to have more stories, more experiences, more sharing of perspectives to bring that effectively to pass. Our hope is that this summary, and this forum, can contribute to such a story sharing process.

Please contribute your own thoughts to this conversation, regardless of your degree of sophistication with web use and/or with educational practice /theory. Both the web and education should reflect what we as individuals want them to be and the best way to get as close as possible to that is for everyone to contribute to the public conversations that make them what they are.

Additional relevant Serendip materials

Your thoughts are welcome in the public on-line forum area below. Join in, and lets see what new ways of thinking about education and technology we can create together. Postings will be reviewed to avoid spam, and so may be delayed in appearing.


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Technology plus education

not sure if my previous comment posted, but what i wanted to say is to agree with the previous person Joh205 that technology helps kids learn in the classroom. However, using it too much to do all the teaching is not safe usage of technology.

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technology and education

I think the idea of using technology in the classroom is an excellent way to engage students in learning. They are able to use a lot of different talents and strengths that wouldn't normally be found in a strictly-tradtional classroom. However, I think that some teachers may take this idea and exaggerate it to the point where is loses its effectiveness. The student-teacher realtionship is important to the classroom, it makes the information relate to the students on an individual level. Also, the teachers may go a little crazy adding too much stimulus and added-in features that the students won't be able to maintain focus on the lesson. The whole point of the lesson could easily be lost this way. Teachers have to be careful and find a good balance of technology in the classroom.

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