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Field Notes #2 (2/5/2013)*

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math enrichment for girls


So these girls are attending an extra period of math because they're interested?  need extra help?  feel pressured about being tested in math?  You say they have 'impressive math skills'...  It would help me to have more of a context for who's there and why, and (linked to this) why the teacher and the school are offering this extra period.  I can't help but understand this in a gendered context, at least from the perspective of the school, but again, want to hear more.

What's your role in the classroom?

Finally, these notes do a nice job of moving through the day in terms of activities and impressions; could you give us a more detailed sense of what's happening, e.g. what are the girls talking about, in what ways do they seem engaged with the math or not, how can you tell about the level of their thinking during this period?