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EvoLit 2011: Evolution in progress



Evolution in progress, here and elsewhere
22 March 2011 (PG)
Elsewhere (a sample)
James Gleick's History of Information (NYTimes Sunday magazine, 20 March 2011)

"Information, he argues, is more than just the contents of our overflowing libraries and Web servers. It is “the blood and the fuel, the vital principle” of the world. Human consciousness, society, life on earth, the cosmos — it’s bits all the way down."

Tortoise and hare, in a laboratory flask (NY Science Times, 21 March 2011)

"some organisms are better at evolving than others"?
"Free will hasn’t been disproved scientifically or philosophically. The more that researchers investigate free will, the more good reasons there are to believe in it."
The evolving class

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