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Commitment Problems and Possible Ghosts

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This is an aerial photo of the Bryn Mawr campus from many years ago, though the actual date is unkonwn. My assumption was that this was essentially the campus in its entirety at that time, though it is quite possible that the editor or photographer cropped out areas where Erdman and everything north of the gym stand today. While googleing images of bryn mawr, I came across an aerial photo and knew that was the right path to be following. After a few more google attempts I came across this one, which was of the right vintage quality that I wanted. When picking something that I need to write about or be with for an extended period of time, I often become extremely indecisive about what exactly I want. That is precisely why I picked a shot of almost the enitre physical campus, so I could be as inclusive or exclusionary as I wished when writing. This was perhap as bad idea--sometimes when there are too many options I find myself having none at all. This was not the easiest paper I have ever written for precisely that reason. 

Continuing on with my problems of commitment to a singular entity, I was very indecisive as well when chosing my spot to return to weekly. This is a big decision. As I was studying the aerial view of the campus for inspiration for my paper, I happened to notice that Thomas GH and the cloisters were smack-dab in the middle of the photgraph. This visualization stayed with me as I was making my final decision, and I realized that the cloisters were a natural choice for me. They feel so full of mystery and supernatural potential! Not that I think there are any ghouls or past BMC women (Katherine, are you there?) trolling the area, but that feeling that one gets when one is aware of all that happened or could have happened in a particular spot is absolutely tingleing (not a word, yes, but English is capable of being expanded!). So there's that.