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We are but tiny grains of sand..

I once heard that we are nothing but tiny grains of sand, but in the scheme of things I am positive that I really matter to the universe. Liz reminded me of how vast the universe is, and where we fit into it isn't as important a fact as the fact that our planet apparently has the only environment condusive for sustainable life! In the future someone may locate other life forms outward to those far away places not yet seen by humans, and it is hard to believe that many of the stars we see in the night sky are glowing from many years ago, when we actually see them. I felt relieved that the in class exercise I completed was not as difficult as I imagined that it was going to be: I found out how to use the M13 website well enough to find out which was the brightest star in our galaxy(Deneb). This was an accomplishment as last year I was feeling frustrated so I guess an old dog can be retaught new tricks!


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