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It's Amazing How Much We've Changed

    It has been too fast. This semester is amazing. To look back now, I can hardly recall where we started. We discussed, in last week's class, how the education process is the combination of the conscious and unconscious. I think our online postings can be a excellent example of the statement.

    We went through this unique process of evolution during the past 4 months. We can think and write in a different and better way than we used to. During this journey, we did our online postings almost every week, on purpose. Wether to express our feelings towards the in class discussion or to finish the required work for the syllabus. We became better thinkers and writers, unconsciously, along the journey. We are not conscious about how much we've changed each week, until now, the time to sum up. Now when I compare, I can see what a fantastic process it was.

    The Truth About Stories seems too long ago for me. However, King's "turtles" has been with us throughout the semester. We've been looking at and trying to find the turtles in every aspect of evolution in the class discussions. I feel like that the more turtles I find, the closer I am to the truth. There may be or may not be a absolute truth for everything, but it is the process of looking for it which is interesting. Who knows exactly how the universe started? Even the big bang theory is just a reasonable hypothesis. I used to be obsessed with the absolute truth. I sometimes feel that my curiosity is killing me. Now I can see the turtles, the whole process of pursuing the truth, and I see what the momentum is. 

    I learned so much from this amazing seminar. Looking back amazed me and I'm sure the new knowledge ahead of us would be even better.


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