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 Wow.  It's really

 Wow.  It's really interesting to read over these posts and see how much the class impacted everyone.  And myself.  For me, it wasn't necessarily what we talked about.  Though, in a way, it was.  We discussed some really fascinating things and it was wonderful to see how each person struggled and dealt with these issues.  I enjoyed watching the arguments play out and watching how closely attached we all felt to the issues at hand.  How closely attached I felt to the issues at hand.  A lot of the things we DID talk about weren't necessarily new ideas for me but that didn't mean I didn't get a new perspective on any of them.  Man, people had some cool ideas.  

What resonates with me the most, still, is deep exploration vs. far exploration.  That really struck me.  I guess I spent most of my life thinking about new experiences, new adventures, change, change, change in an obvious way: travel.  Hell, it's why I came to Bryn Mawr.  Only to realize in this class I was seeing adventure in one way through a really narrow scope.  Those ideas are something I can imagine taking with me throughout my experience at college and beyond that too.  Also, the idea of change being the most powerful force, above all.  It's funny how comforting and scary that can be.  

Speaking of change, it's been really interesting watching our esem change.  Hardly any one talked in the beginning and now most of us do.  Maybe not everyone all the time, but we talk and we feel like we know each other because it was (here we go) our stories that we told.  And in our ideas, beliefs and feelings were our stories.  Because they're so attached to what we do.  Now, this is in a way, a story.  We're all linked to each other in some sort of special way: we took this class together.  Sometimes, I think, you are graced with a great class.  The material was great obviously, the professor was awesome, but the people really stood out for me.  We fit well and the class came together in a really unique way in which we all participated and all got to know each other beyond our general classroom personas.   

I know a lot of people who hated their esem, but I loved ours.  It wasn't like I was going to school.  It was like sitting around with friends and just talking about things, but really cool, interesting things.  It's only been three months but I know I've changed a lot.  I'm not sure if I can attribute this at all to Esem or being at college or whatever it is, but it's been a good change.  And I really like that.  

Thanks for everything.  It's been a good time.  


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