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Those damn turtles...

 At the beginning, I remember thinking that I could see the beginning and the end, but I didn't have any idea what would be in between.  I got the stories part, and once I understood that people make up stories for a reason, it all started coming together. Actually, every time i learned something new it felt like everything was coming together.  It was the in between that really made the experience what it was. I learned so much and it's one of those things where things I learned in this class I'll keep building on for--maybe not the rest of my life, but at least a really really long time.  It's so hard to even define what I learned, but I assure you, I learned it. It's still in my brain and adding to the information my brain gathers to make stories and make sense of an evolving universe.

Just a thought. What if the brain is the universe...Making sense of ourselves in an evolving ______. So  much could fill that blank. Ahh, everything is connected! The brain is what's making sense of itself in an evolving brain. The brain makes sense of itself in making stories, which we may or may not perceive as reality, which help our brain evolve and improve into the most fit to continue on (descent with modification, maybe?).  In order to create these stories, we exchange information with others and create stories form a culture.  Then, the culture itself gives us stories with the brain interprets and influences our individual person, which is made up of these stories and the bipartite brain, the conversations between the two parts of it form our sense of right and wrong, and the stories we need to explain it with...And we've come back to the beginning. It's not turtles all the way down, it's just a bunch of turtles in a ball pit. Think about that one.


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