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the story that made a difference

After this course, after hearing this story, my whole life is different. My world suddenly expanded with all kinds of possibilities. Now, I can connect science with myths (I never noticed that they are the same in essence); I realized that the multi-universe theory is just one of the stories. I learned to analyze the origin of universe with various perceptions at different dimensions (myths, physics, biology…). I noticed that geological factors could be one of the stories for the culture changes; I became aware that cultural evolution had huge impacts on individuals. I also learned about logics, bi-part brains (along with many interesting phenomenon, such as illusions). Most importantly, everything is evolving, the universe, the culture, the individual, and even the brain. And all those things we have are just one story our brains pick. There are many other stories, many other possibilities. However, since there are so many possibilities, we have to choose only one from them. And since there is infinity, we can’t have everything. We can’t have all the possibilities or stories.


Another thing I took from this class is the thinking method, which is described as “turtles all the way down”. Now I know there is always another question below the answer. There is no end. No ground. No absolute certainty.

Before, I kind of thought about some of the questions above, but I ended up nowhere. And I never looked at things in a different way like what we did in the ESEM class. I never saw the connections between myths and science, the cutural and individual evolutions and so on. I never even thought about some of the possibilities. Now I just feel that a whole new world is open to me, and at the same time I know how to explore more with the thinking method.


This course was such a wonderful journey that I just can’t believe it is almost over…




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