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Anne, You've Changed!

So as I elected to forgo sleep in the name of good company and an overheated computer, I decided to work on the presentation for class. I began combing over the weekly postings, starting with our very first week. The posts were significantly longer. Infer from that what you like. I got around week 9 when I realized the highlights were put up in Anne's (and Paul's, of course) talking notes, so I decided to pull them up and look through them all. And, lo and behold, Anne's notes changed just as much as our thoughts in progress did. Admittedly some of it was probably standard "no more need to walk the first years through every step", but there was still noticeable change in how she wrote her thoughts and notes  and how much she wrote. Certain ideas repeatedly came up, and some were heavily emphasized, while others only seemed to last a single class period. Anne's thoughts faded into commentary only used to direct our conversations instead of giving us piles of textual evidence and questions. She became less of a moderator and more of a lurker, but not in a bad way. In a thoughtful way. But anyway, looking at the notes has been good. It's been thought-provoking and entertaining all at once, because I start to remember specific instances in these conversations and it's like little Christmas lights are being switched on in a neighborhood one by one until the whole street is one sea of green, red, and white lights.

So what have I decided based on looking at our notes?

Why, it's turtles all the way down. That has now become my only reasonable response to anything in this class or any other situation. Were you honestly expecting something different?


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