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dreams are my reality♫

 Talking in class about dreams was really interesting, thinking about how the unconscious and conscious interact when we're asleep. I believe they're a little bit conscious and unconscious because my dreams will be about something i've never considered in my life, but there will be a couple things there from my thoughts that day. I have interesting dreams (well, to me anyway) and occasionally after an especially fun one i'll look up parts of it on a dream dictionary thing online. I know, people i tell this to laugh at me because it's like palmistry and crystal balls, looking that deeply at dreams is a waste of time etc.  It's not something I really believe in, but when i look things up and find a way to interpret something, i can apply it to my own life and see if it works (if it doesn't, no big deal) because it makes me think about myself from a different perspective or focus on something in my life that i wouldn't normally think too hard about.  (On a tangent, does anybody else dream in third person like me? Sometimes it's like i'm watching a movie, and other times it's like i'm playing a videogame where the camera is right behind your player. I wonder what that says about me and my unconscious, if this is the best way for me to view events. Huh.)

Also, I never thought about teaching myself to cross my 7s was changing my unconscious, but it is. It's kind of scary that it's possible to change the unconscious so easily, just by deciding to change and repetition.


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