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In the reading, it mentioned that cultures and customs can actually change our intuitions. In another words,the consciousness can change the unconsciousness, not in a particular person, but in all human beings as a whole. And the consciousness sometimes can even control how the unconsciousness develop. In the class, we discussed that we make judgements or decisions mostly through unconsciousness, and that how education focus too much on the consciousness. I actually think the education has focused on the right side. Because the consciousness can shape our unconsciousness, and if we can learn to have a better consciousness, we will accordingly develop a better unconsciousness, which can make better decisions and judgements. Furthermore, right now human beings have no direct access to the unconscious part that can allow us to shape the unconsciousness as we do to the consciousness through education. Right now, I just realize how powerful education is. It can shape human beings' consciousness and unconsciousness and therefore our evolutions as human beings in general. However, since education/consciousness can control the direction of our evolution, where will education/consciousness lead us? Which direction are we going? Is it a right direction? or a disaster?

As I writing this posting, I realize that ways of rewriting brains, such as meditations/hypnosis/medications/role playing are all ways of rewriting one particular brain. But educations/cultures/knowledge are ways of rewriting brains for all human beings. There seems to be two different kinds of rewriting, on different dimensions. And I think the later rewriting process is the evolution of our... souls?brains?consciousness and unconsciousness? (I really don't know how to name the subject that evolves)


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