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VS.thing & Education

Today I talked to my friend in another Esem class about their topic, Identity. I asked her about her idea of consciousness and unconsciousness. She said that you could only argue that the unconsciousness is all but consciousness. And if you black out, you could only say I lost conscious, instead of saying I was unconscious, because you don't know you are unconscious, or else that part of truth should be consciousness.  Thus she believes that subconsciousness is in between of consciousness and unconsciousness, which in my interpretation is something your brain is working on spontaneously but with your recognition, like intuition.This is quite interesting. I don't know if we really should analyze every component in our brain and thoughts, as they are always standing together as a whole.

Well, talking about story-teller, I believe that the consciousness part of the brain is the teller,but is it necessary to be the story-teller? If the story-teller we are talking about is receiving raw material or original version of a story and then tell this story with his/her own understanding and interpretation, well I think the consciousness part is the story-teller, just like an output which can make an announcement for it.

Education, education, education.....What is the goal of education? As we learn about the brain, and consciousness, unconsciousness, I believe the education to be the methods to train our consciousness to be more well-developed in width and depth, and make it more interactable with our unconsicouness to think for all possibles and behave responsably. Sometimes education represents more possiblities, but sometimes it also means restrain or limit, just like evolution. Well, brain provide the place to store all knowledge, it is also a working table for the formation of thoughts, which are personal results of extraction and purification of knowledge. Education is training our brain, exploring our brain and make it more skillful at its job of consciousness and unconsciousness.

We need to leave space for the unconsious part of the brain to be free and creative,which can hardly be controlled by syllabus and textbooks, but the knowledge and studying methods we learn from education provide the rich soil for the free and creative ideas to grow.


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