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The fight with my mind

 Here begins my second posting for the week.

All throughout class yesterday I was constantly fighting with my mind to pay attention. After recieving our last assignments for our class I began to feel overwhelmed with all the work I have to do over the next two weeks and I started to have a mini silent anxiety moment. I was trying to pay attention to the discussion that was going on, but  my mind kept wanting to go back to all of the assignments I have due soon. Then I started to think about how tired I was and it didn't help that my fellow classmates were constantly yawning. Then we began to discuss how we can change our ideas and behaviors by playing a different role. So, I began trying to convince myself that I wasn't tired and that I wasn't stressed out to see if I could get my mind to focus. It actually worked for a little bit. I was able to take part in the discussion and pay attention to what everyone was saying. But then thoughts about homework and sleep started to sneak into my mind again and the whole process started over again. I felt like I was having a little experiment with our discussion while I was sitting there silently in my seat. 

One idea I found interesting in our discussion yesterday was when we began to refer to our individual selves as "we" instead of "I". I thought this was appropriate though because we've been discussing so many parts of our brains such as the conscious, unconscious, rational, and intuitive. I feel like all of these parts are actually just individual "I"s in my head that all want a say in what I do.


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