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For some reason every time I am thinking about the unconscious and it's role, I think about dreams. The unconscious and the conscious are always working simultaneously throughout the day, but when you are awake it seems like the conscious is louder. Likewise, when we are asleep, the unconscious is louder. It seems to me that dreams try to formulate a story out of all the emotions and thoughts you had prior to going to sleep. It gives a deeper insight into what is fueling your conscious actions. Dreams create these stories that, often don't make sense, but they are an attempt to give a voice to your unconscious. Also, there are signs and things that people experience in dreams that are common among all peoples dreams.  The signs and symbols that happen in dreams can be used to interpret your state of mind, and your unconscious feelings toward something going on in your life. For example, when people have dreams about tornadoes terrorizing their homes, or other natural disasters occurring, this often means that the person is going through a very stressful time and is being very bothered about a particular aspect in their life at that time. So how is it that most people's brains can associate the feelings of stress with natural disasters in order to illustrate these feelings? Is the brain pre-programmed to do this?


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