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Well, I really don't have much to say about brain. As it is really mysterious and powerful. All I have to say are some my examples.

 I used to be in a summer camp for memory back in China, during which I learnt to memorize the 100 digit after 3.141592698979.....And also the Chemistry element chart. The first one I've already forgotten most of it, but the latter one I could still remember, because I practiced alot in high school chemistry exams. Well, for the digits, we transferred every number to be a word in Chinese homophonically. Same method is used for Chemistry elements. Then we link the words together to make up stories, most weird and funny stories. Also, I tried once in a psychology class to memorize 25 pictures in one minute, using the same theory:make funny and weired stories, one of which I still remember that one cat was washed into a closestool. Then the memories stick in my head, and it becomes really easy to memorize everything. You can use it for history class. But the real thing going on here is to break through the regular practice of memory. We get used to the regular things, but when a weired, or abnormal, or illogical or funny thing happens, we tend to memorize it in a better way. Also, another trick is that memories are linked with one another. The connection you made lead you to remember one thing to another. Few days ago, I tried hard to remember my account number for a very popular card game in China,but I failed everytime. One day I was thinking about the summer time when I sat in my father's room and played the game, the picture of the log-in screen appeared in my head and I literally saw my account number in that picture in my head. Well, now I could play it. I guess that's how brain works in some part of it.



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