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Our last week’s discussion

Our last week’s discussion still focused on the unique property of brain’s bi-part’s structure. Even though we all still have tons of questions regarding to the brain. Several discussions gave me deeper and different perspective about our brain.

Firstly, is the brain a separate object from our identities? We tend to say I think “my consciousness”, “my unconsciousness” and “I” constantly in our discussion. It seems like the three things are separate from each other. However, that’s not possible in the first place. Because they are all parts of our brains, maybe not in material forms. In my understanding and our discussion, consciousness and unconsciousness can be our sources of decision making. I think to be a human being, we must have the power and the ability to make the decision according to the surroundings. In my opinion we have the control over our behaviors, at least I hope I not the puppet controlled by unconscious master. According to Sigmund Freud’s iceberg, which I believed in deeply and agreed a lot, as shown in the diagram, the consciousness and unconsciousness and the pre-consciousness are probably all the understandings we have about the world. Having the ability to reason the situation we face with the resources of three parts of the brain, we make decision seem to have the best outcome at that point. Therefore, these three parts show us the possibilities of the choices and help us make the best predictions of every decision. I tend to think consciousness and unconsciousness are part of self-protections system to help us make the best decisions.


Secondly, do we want to be certain about our future? I became the only person in our class don’t like surprises. After hearing the consequences of being predictable about the future, I realize that the planed life and the planned outcome would not be fun at all. I think what I mean is to be able to know what will happen after the decision made. As I mentioned above, we do research and use our consciousness and unconsciousness before making a decision to be able to find out the best result. I hope the phrase “one pain, one gain” is still true today. Ultimately, I hope I am right about the decision. Well, how could it be possible? Everything is connected today.  The result of your decision is no longer exclusive to your efforts but also affected by other’s decisions. Maybe, never able to know you are right and learn from your own success and failures are the excited part of this game.


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