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a couple of things to say

Frankly speaking, I have always felt hard to read cartoons since I was a little child. Struggling to understand what the painter was trying to interpret, I would either consider myself lack of talent or the authors insane. How could they spend much more time drawing those silly pictures just to make the simplified word more difficult to understand? It is embarrassed to confess that reading Logicomix was a challenge for me. Even though the book brought up tons of interesting ideas as well as an amazing inner-world evolution, I still didn’t see the point of putting them into pictures. Last lantern night totally changed my idea. Standing under the shining stars, listening to the most beautiful song in the world and seeing those twinkling lanterns, I suddenly realized that there are a lot of things on earth that could not be recorded by video, described by words… Everything has their best way to be interpreted. Like people could never get the secret of lantern night except actually coming here, the best way to show the culture and individual evolution in Logicomix is by using graphs.


Other than focusing on the evolvement of Russell’s logic, I find myself also interested in Russell himself. Actually, he reminds me of the main actor of the movie: a beautiful mind. Even with different fields of interests, both of them are passionate, curious but depressed and sad at the same time. They all believe there is a particular rule about the world that we can finally find if we think about everything rationally. They get better off and worse off at the same time when each improvement is made. This highly similarity let me feel that Russell indeed represents not only himself, but a kind of people in the world, who are constantly researching the truth that are good to have but hard to reach? Can human really tell how the world works? Or is it a “black-hole” that will trap the ones who are highly evolved and drive them crazy? I don’t know...


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