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Logicomix and Such

Regarding Logicomix, I personally loved it. I think it's a perfect example of individual evolution (poor guy, too, he had it kinda rough...despite his endlessly frustrating poor treatment of his wife). But more to my interest, it was a really good way to combine philosophical and mathematical concepts in a visually narrative way. I'm a visual learner so that was wonderful for me (I finally grasped a few concepts that my Philosopher class lectures have only attempted to help me understand). 

But we spent most of the last class discussing "culture" differences between the 2 sections. I personally found it interesting from a psychological point of view. An interesting question came to mind: did mixing the classes really create a much different dynamic? Was it the environment (the room) that contributed to the different dynamics? Or was it the people or the professor that most influenced them? Was this indeed proof that each class had their own culture separate from the other class, in which different behaviors (such as loudness and interrupting) created different social norms/role expectations within that group? I'm not sure if we can answer these questions but they're pretty interesting to think about. 


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