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I love Logicomix! The book presents so many things in such a vivid and clear way. I think I need to read twice to deeply exam all the information this book contains.
I like how it shows the evolution of Logic. Before I thought reasoning and logic are things can not be put into doubts; and they are sound and certain. But in the book, it says "Logic is all about rules. In fact, it begins with definitions and continues with rules.", which immediately gives me a sense of uncertainty. Logic is just rules. then how do I know the rules are right? And the idea that logic is rules evolves into that "logic is the form of the language. And it is embedded in it, like the iron structure that supports a building." At the end logic seems to be useless.
I also like the idea of set, a collection of objects. In the book, some one says that the set is the future and can solve everything. And do think set is powerful. For instance, we can make a set of culture evolution problems, and we just need to put factors in the set and exam the set. To me, it is really a clear and simple mode of analyzing cultural problems.
The evolution of Russell is also in accordance with the evolution of Logic. The Logic improvement was partly made by him, and he was hugely influenced by the logic evolution.
And also the idea of map vs. reality.....

There are just so many interesting ideas, and the book is so inspiring.


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