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Hearing more about the

Hearing more about the differences between the classes, I was thinking that the main influences on both cultures were Paul and Anne.  In the beginning of the semester, everyone entered the class behaving differently than they are now, they more were "cautious" because they weren't sure how to be or how the class was going to be run.  It was how Paul acted that influenced the way the class is now. The interactions he allowed to occur helped shape the "culture" of the class.  As for Anne's class, it seems that her being the main contributor to discussion influenced the class into being a more silent one. This shows how individuals can be a big influence on a culture, and even an essential element of the culture itself.

Also, someone mentioned earlier in the forum that cultures tend to think that they are superior to other cultures.  I think this is true.  But, I think that this is mostly because the culture you are part of is, really, all you know and all you've come to understand, so sometimes when viewing other cultures, you might think their ways are odd or wrong because you just don't understand where they come from or why they are the way they are. People viewing other cultures as wrong or different tend to think of their culture as better and superior.


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