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differences and rationality

Many of us have already mentioned the amazing differences in two classes.
Actually I am enjoying my fantasy to run certain experients on two classes, for example swap the instructors, or simply turn on the lights and open the door in Anne's section and do the opposite to Paul's. But these experiments can never be carried out under rigorous control of variances,as we've already developed certain culture atomosphere in our places. And the possible result of mixing sections, like being louder in Anne's class or letting others finish in Paul's class, is due to our ability of adapting to new environment and capability of expressing ourselves in different ways. Individuals definitely have these abilities, just of different ranges. Thus the evolution of individuals will have two parts, one for self-adjustment as adaption to enviornment pressure, and one for individual's impact on external environment including other individuals.

Dragging my thoughts a bit back, I love my class culture. It makes feel comfortable to think deeply for a question. And well, there has to be inevitable consequences after two classes all realized the differences...All we can do is to hug the coming change.

About Paul's talking on Thursday, the rationality to solve human problems, it reminds of the S3 E3 of Fringe. In that episode, a man with severe cognitive disorder have the ability to think like a computer and calculate most the possibilities of development of things, thus he can predict things,and meanwhile kill people by his ability. This is too sci-fi, but actually this is way of solving human problems:rationality. Rationality doesn't include human emotion, and it should be right all the time. So this is a good assumption but too hard to reach. But logic, on the hand, could possiblity give a chance to rationality to solve some human problems. People think and remember things following logic, and the logic could be the only way to connect every scene in the progress of all evolutions when we think about it.


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