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Last week 's discussion is really interesting when we start to talk about the difference between two section of the ESEM classes. I think one particular got my attention. The different ways of expression in the participants actually shape the discussion and decided the results of the discussion. Our section appeared to be more quiet and polite. This characteristics made our discussion a process focused on listening to each other. This process help us really listen to our peers' ideas and allow us to think about the topic from her own unique perspective. More importantly, our section tend to build up on each other. Usually, we can talk about one topic fro the whole class. This pathways help us develop a thorough understanding about certain topic and really explore the depth of idea. This point help explain why I find every discussion inspiring and drive me to a brand new stage of thinking. It definitely make sense when you think of 14 people who each explain story about a turtle, even though there are still turtles all the way down, we have manage to go down 14 floors. The process is absolutely pleasant. I don't consider this big difference a problem as long as we enjoy the discussion and get inspired to develop more critical thinkings.
I also want to mention my reading about Logicomix. I have to admit that it has been years since I read my last comic books. I really like the title of the book. Logicomix means logic and comics,which contains both contents which is the biography of Russel and form of the book, comics. I found the reading both fresh and confusing. Firstly, the reading process is much more enjoyable  because you don't get much chance to have a meaning  comics as homework. All the illustrations help understanding of the complicated logic theory.Secondly, the pictures can be distracted at the same time. I have to tell myself to be more focused on the con tens instead of the colorful pictures. I guess I will be easily to learn in a more serious environment.


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