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Cultural Evolution


I think that the last week's combined discussion was interesting. I was excited to find that there are actually a lot of differences between two sections. I think to a certain extent this proves the point that individuals play a vital role in shaping our culture. Two sections are instructed by two professors with quite different characteristics (Paul is always quiet, more interested in discussing ideas and Anne is always loud, more into discussing writing styles.) and are comprised of students with different backgrounds. However, I think that no cultures are deeply formed in either of the two sections since we only meet twice a week in total of three hours. Each of us chooses different courses besides esem and most of us lives in different dorms. We barely meet each other on campus. I think the aforementioned situation applies to the other esem session too. Time is really important for a culture (The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group) to be formed within a group of people.Hence, I think that a new culture (a totally different culture from the original two cultures A+B=C) would be created from the intersection of the two.



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