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I was so happy that the mixing of the two classes on Thursday wasn't as awkward as it has been in the past. When talking to some of the students in Paul's class before Thursday, we shared a little bit of anxiety on how mixing the two classes would turn out. All in all though, it went pretty well. There's no doubt that the two classes are both very different in style, structure, and overall atmosphere. But I like our class. Even though Paul's class feels exciting and lively, I feel like I always have to fight to speak and that even when I do speak, no one paid much attention because they were focused on something else. Like nina said, our class feels very relaxed and laid back. I like letting people talk and having time to think about their opinions and ideas rather than jumping into a heated debate. Paul's class also kind of confused me. I'm still not quite sure on what our essay assignment is or when it's due, but I guess I'll figure that out tomorrow. I think us going into Paul's class was a good experience. It gave all the students a look and better understanding into each other's class cultures.


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