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Differences and change

Like everyone else I found the two different sections to be just that different. Our section, those of us in Anne's section, seem to me to be a bit more laidback in our discussions, always allowing each other to speak, and while an outsider may look at us as quiet, I feel as if we all like to take moments in our discussions to reflect and chew on in our heads what has just been said. Our other half seems to want to always be in motion, and discussions are more like heated debates. One interesting thing that happened though is that each section began to intergrate and assimilate. I saw our section become louder and the other section allow for others to finish speaking instead of interupting. While we were assimilating I still longed to be in our classroom. It was easy to see at this moment how easily we become attached to a certain way of doing things and even though its only been a couple of weeks, how hard it would be to change our group dynamics. Perhaps though I am wrong. Perhaps our group dynamic would change if forced to intergrate, and would change swiftly. Culture is capricious , it gives us a bubble of comfort, and at anytime decides to pop our bubble leaving us exposed, and forcing us to adapt ourselves, adapt those around us, and in some cases perish.


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