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Thursday's Combined Class


I wonder what would happen if we switched environments...

What I noticed right away in Paul's class was the excitement that this group felt in their discussion and how boisterously they communicated with each other. That’s not to say that Anne’s class isn’t excited by the material or the discussion, but we take a more graceful approach to the discussion.

I think this comes from both our personalities and our environment. It is likely that many of the students in Paul’s class are naturally extroverted people, while those in Anne’s may not be, or at least aren’t in English. But I also believe that the classroom has something to do with it as well. In Anne’s classroom the lights are usually dimmed and the door is closed, giving the room a certain serene environment, thus leading to a calmer relationship and discussion between the students. Paul’s classroom on the other hand is brightly lit with the door open, giving off a certain excited and alert atmosphere, affecting the class’ interaction.


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