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  I thought that it was very

  I thought that it was very interesting during thurdsay's discussion it was borught up that while Anne's class, I think of as being a group of quiet girls, while Anne is a person speaks a bit louder, and tries to pull the ides from us to form a meaningful discussion on the readings.  It is the complete opposite on the other side of the wall. Paul's class thought of themselves as boisterous while Paul, himself, was quite.  Not as if the students had take over the class, or that they don't have equally meaningful dicussions, but it was as if the atmosphere was a lot louder then what, in my opinion, goes on in Anne's class.  

  Emersing my slef in this efervecent, learning environment made me, a introverted normally shy person, leswilling to talk about my ideas. Perhaps the quiet atmosphere is the atmosphere best suited for me to be more willing to share my ideas, and feel less intimidated.


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