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From an artist stand point

As a fine artist and digital artist I may have a different perspective due to the people I am around and the lack of educated statements from people at my young age or area. I think there are two main issues. One is that people today have to worry about so much stuff, may it be house payment or health, that they convince themselves that they have no time to study science or try to understand it. The second is the perception of today's society where the easy fun things are the best result for life. There is a Lotus epidemic. Much like the famous Greek tale, people want to live in a world were tension or frustration is lifted from their daily lives. Learning about the fundamentals of biology or the advancements in string theory are boring cause there is no stimulate that TV would produce or parting. The chemical reaction in you head is a lot easier when watching TV cause humans are very comfortable with pictures than text.My view is that it's irresponsible to not learn about the world you live in. I will say at the age of 23 I still have a lot to learn, but sadly cause of my teenage ignorance I still have a lot to relearn. I believe that there is a connection between the science community, math community, and artistic community, but it has not been taped to today's public. I do feel the artistic community is lost, but I do feel there are artist like me out there typing the same thing in another website. Da Vinci is always an artist first inspiration, but a majority really don't know how much of a contribution he was to art, math, and science I also feel that there is a lose of history in the community. Research or discoveries that may be irrelevant in the present, still have importance in the present and future. So in the end I don't feel that there is a problem with the communication. It's just the lack of honesty from us artist (Scientist and Mathematicians in my view are artist) and our realization that the public may never understand science information. Knowledge should not be dumbed down cause then it wouldn't be knowledge. It would be a misinterpreted headline. Sorry if this didn't make any sense cause I am an artist but I try to express the best possible way while having so many pictures going through my head. Thanks


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