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This is quite late, for which

This is quite late, for which I apologize. Getting back into the swing of things after far break is harder than I thought it would be.

Parable of the Sower was... interesting? Ish? I didn't care for it that much?

It made me think about my own strange spiritual changes when I was younger, which was rather unfortunate as I don't really want to think about them again. They were awkward: they were me desperately trying to smash things together so that something made sense and so that I didn't have to keep telling people I believed in nothing. Those feelings I have associated with"making up" a religion or trying to reshape spirituality are all negative, which is one reason why I thought of the book as a whole in a negative way. Everything humans come in to contact with we evaluate against our own past experiences, so it's inevitable that whatever message the author is trying to send will be overshadowed by personal associations.

And yeah, it was despressing as %*!#. And I was listening to angry/bitter music while reading it, so the feelings of the music sort of double-teamed with the imagery in the book to wallop me over the head with cynicism and hopelessness, which isn't usually what I want to feel when I read a book. So I guess what I'm saying is that whatever I say about the book will be horribly biased? Sure. But that's sort of a given. Crud.


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