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practice, language

It’s really great to have a understanding and creative artist here to talk about her creation and the progress. Being a scientist student who abandoned the way to study piano exclusively and let photography and writing only be in the category of habits, I have to say that Emily’s talking make me see more things in myself.

The idea of hibernation is great. As I asked her if she would feel disappointed about the disability or incompletion to create an idea in her mind. Then she said she would express it anyway. This answer shocked me, as there have been too many times for me to regret not getting my idea down to be expressed. Same for writing, more practice will do help to make me think more and record more.


Speaking of language, I treat it more like a mortal property for enrichment of one person. I used to feel very sorry that one language is losing everyday in this world. But we can do nothing about this loss of a group of people who used to speak it. What we can do is to learn the language we are interested in and make us the speakers, or the torch bearers who keep the fire of language culture stable and bright.

As Europeans are trying to learn as many languages as they can, I found it hard to understand that languages are losing their status in Albany. In China, people put English in a very great status in all kinds of requirements, on account of the important use of English to be an international talent. The trend in the world is that people are going to learn more about languages, which is driven by interests and needs as results of globalization. Languages are never simply tools of communications. They concealed the cultural treasure kept in history, just like the DNA we own carrying information form pre-history, as Colin Renfrew mentioned in <Prehistory>. Knowing one language is a key to the understanding of one people and their lives. And experts of languages carry the great responsibility to translate languages, as well as to set rules and lead direction for others to learn new languages. Don’t abandon language program….


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