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I really liked having the artist come and talk with us on Thursday. I found myself comparing her process of creating art, especially the period of hibernation, to my writing process. I feel like this was a relatively common sentiment for many of those involved. I know I personally like setting down a piece of writing when I get stuck and coming back to it later after doing something completely unrelated. It helps unclog my brain. I also liked the concept of discussing the evolution of a series of paintings about evolution. It almost goes back to the mirror-facing-another-mirror business that I mentioned in class in reference to one of her images. In this case, however, it's more the concept of the reflection of the subject (evolution) in its own creation.

And should I talk about Parable of the Sower? I'll just say that I actually really enjoyed the book, and I'm interested to see what kinds of discussions we have about it.


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