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today or future?

“We adapt and endure, for we are earthseed, and God is changing.”

I liked this sentence when I started reading Parable of the Sower. I especially liked the word “adapt”. Being so insignificant, we, human, have to constantly adapt to the evolving environment, the changing world in order to survive and flourish. But as the reading going on, I am now wondering why are people always busy preparing for future? Since the changes happen so quickly and unpredictably that we could never really know what will happen next, why don’t we cherish the present instead of working for unpredictable future? The book reminds me of the intensive earthquake happened in my hometown, in which people whom you talked with in the morning forever left the world hours later. I admit that my thought might be a bit extreme, while if I were the author, I would definitely spend the time having a cup of tea with my family in a sunny afternoon instead of writing interesting but fearful story that does not make much sense about the future.


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