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Art and Parables

During our discussion with Emily the week before Fall Break I was able to relate to an interesting point. Emily had said that she needed time off to finish her art. Time to just sit there and take a break or ponder the art and it's meaning without really physically working on it. I could relate to this in my writing. I'm not the kind of person who can start and finish an essay in one sitting. Or at least if I do, it comes out as a bad essay. If I do something like that, it feels like a tornado went through my head, and then my thoughts come out unclear and confusing. Actually, I think it's really difficult for anyone to start and finish an essay and make it decent in just one sitting. Writing and art are similar because they're always unfinished. I once heard that Picasso was never let into a museum by himself because he would always sneak in his paints and paintbrushes and start working on his "finished" paintings all over again. To us the painting were finished, but to Picasso there was more that could be done.


As for the Book "Parable of the Sower," I have to say that I'm done reading future apocalyptic type of stories. Ok I  understand there wasn't an apocalypse in this book, but it's themes and setting are similar to that of the book "The Road" or the movie "Book of Eli." Every time i picked up Parable and started to read it, it would make me depressed. I had to put my feelings and thoughts aside just to finish the book. In my opinion the author is almost trying to scare us into thinking that this is what the world would be like if we don't start making change. Really? for as much bad as there is in the world, there's a lot of good as well. Maybe I'm too optimistic thinking that the good will always overcome the bad. Short and honest, I didn't like the book.


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