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Logiable of the Somix

I thought it was interesting that both Parable of the Sower and Logicomix incorporated a lot of the issues we'd been talking about in class. Parable of the Sower presented some interesting ideas, and reminded me a lot of Lord of the Flies and the Uglies Trilogy (which is one of the only other Sci-Fi books I've read). There were a few good futuristic inventions, including the new disease: sharing, although I though Butler should have been able to come up with more of those types of things.

Logicomix was pretty cool. Mostly in terms of being a graphic novel and required reading for class. Other than that, it was a bit difficult but I still enjoyed learning a bit about early 20th century mathematicians and philosophers. I thought it was interesting put in lecture form where Bertrand Russell talked a lot about his various loves and family, much like professors often do. Which, although interesting, add little to the subject being lectures. This was also one of the few graphic novels I've ever read, but inspired me to pick up a few at the library here in Ohio during break.

Hope everyone else is having a good fall break!


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