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Personally, when I use WebMD

Personally, when I use WebMD during an illness I look at it before I go to a doctor to figure if my symptoms even warrant a visit to the doctor.  I think that in certain cases it could be a good idea to look at health sites, such as WebMD, so that you, personally, don't have to waste a trip to the doctor to find that you have something that will clear-up on its own in a couple of days.

I also understand that many people take health sites to seriously and do not think of the individualistic aspect of their illness.  While somethings start out with symptoms similar to the common cold they could lead to something much worse.  People should not completely rely on the internet for medical advice and should go see a doctor.  It is fine to question the doctor with the internet (or another doctor) but as a non medical practitioner people should not try to self diagnose.  It is dangerous.


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