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I have never had to give much

I have never had to give much thought to the relationship between autism and the MMR vaccine. There never been a question as to whether I should or should not receive this or other vaccines. My parents and I have always trusted my pediatrician to recommend the proper thing to do. There should be some skepticism about whether medicines do or do not work. Everyone knows that medicine doesn’t work 100% of the time and that they all have side effects.

                We know that the government examines how well these medications are working, what could disrupt the effects of vaccines, and how to prevent any adverse affects states need to put the health of the general population first. Sometimes personal beliefs have to be overridden for the greater good. The world is pretty crowded and we catch diseases from one another to protect their populations firms, schools, etc. should not allow anyone who has not been vaccinated to enter their premises. Until a disease is eliminated world wide it is not safe to stop vaccinations


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