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 As I think more about

 As I think more about gender, and everything we talked about in class, I can’t help but wonder how the technology available is making the issue of gender even more complicated. Throughout much of history, even if an individual identified as a gender other than the one they biologically were, there was not much they could do to change their gender. While they could certainly dress and act as the gender they identified as, there was no way for them to make any drastic physical changes. However, with technological advances, all a individual needs to do is have a gender reassignment surgery, and take hormones, and they can very easily pass as the gender that they identify as. In the future, will it be impossible to tell the difference between an individual who was born a woman, and one who is now a women thanks to surgery and hormones? Will athletes that once competed as one gender, now compete as the other? Will individuals born male be able to gain entrance into female-only institutions? Is there a difference between an all female, and an all women’s institution? How will the future change our perspectives on gender, and will society ever be able to catch up, so that such questions can be answered definitively? Only time will tell, but with any luck, answers will come before technological advances bring more questions.


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