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 I never really thought much

 I never really thought much about the major role gender plays in society until our class. Before our discussion, I had always thought that biology was the factor responsible in society for categorizing males as men and females as women. It seems that biology is actually trying to blur these distinctions and point out that no one is really what they actually are. Society categorizes people as it believes is acceptable and its rules are often based on unfair categorizations. It needs to do better. 

        People should be judged based on who they are and what they do, not by what they have acquired through natural selection. Society needs to be open, aware, and accepting of differences between people. Everyone has the right to be comfortable with what they have been given and do not deserve to be judged on traits they possess and do not control. What are society’s qualifications through its organizations to determine that issues like single sex marriage is acceptable or not? As we discussed about doctors, they may have more authority in some areas because they have gone through rigorous training to discover how things work. Is there a process that qualifies any one to determine whether the way a person looks or acts is unacceptable? 



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