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The irrelevance of gender

Yesterday's discussion on sex/gender was very interesting to me. I have always felt that one's sex chromosomes and physical anatomy have absolutely nothing to do with one's personality/identity and that society should put much less or no emphasis on gender. To me, whether someone is a "man" or a "woman" is completely irrelevant in regards to most matters. For example, as far as I can tell my cells each have two X chromosomes. I also have all of the traditional "female" secondary sex characteristics and I have a working "female" reproductive system. And when asked, I identify as female. But none of that defines me as a person. The fact that I am "female" does not mean that I think more like other "females" than "males". It also does not mean that I prefer traditional "female" activities over traditional "male" activities. As far as I can tell, being "female" versus "male" does not biologically affect the way I think, the way I behave, or the way that I interact with others. The differences in behavior observed between "females" and "males" are due to societal norms passed down to each of us from the time we are born, they are not based on the physical differences between boys and girls. However, convincing others of gender's irrelevance is extremely difficult because the gender dichotomy has been ingrained into society's subconscious for thousands of years. It is encouraging that modern science is finally demonstrating what I have believed all along: that there is no sexual dichotomy, and so there is no biological basis for gender. Hopefully, once people start accepting this notion, we can get rid of the notion of gender for good.


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