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Love Monty Python!!!!

As much as I wish I could just be talking about Monty Python thats not what this forum is for.


So I just wanted to let you know that your not the only one having difficulity with the writing portion. I to in high school was taught not use "I" in my writings. I was told not to put my opinions in my writings because it would basiclly degrade the paper.

Now we are being told to do the opposite. This sucks very much. I for one do not like writing in general. I find myself to be a horrible writer.

For this course I find it very difficult to write because for one I am confused about what we are writing about, two i am kind of confused about the class as a whole, and three I feel like what I write somehow doesn't fit.

So don't worry I feel the same way about the writing. I feel betrayed by the high school system, disdane for the college for making me switch, and most of all confussion and stress!


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