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Story or Essay

After the first essay paper, I kind of get the general idea how to manage my time in writing a three pages paper. After reading the Michael Tuner’s The Origin of The Universe, I somehow get confused about what kind of creation story should I write. The Michael Tuner’s article is more scientific one than interesting one. The major difference is the scope of passages. My passage is more human-centered based. It all about how human was created.

The dimension of Tuner’s article is much greater and more realistic. For me, the time I read the title of article, I already have the first impression that this article will take the scientific facts addressing this serious topic. Throughout the article, Tuner used the data collected by modern scientific technology equipment, such as Hubble Space Telescope to demonstrate the evidences of the origin of universe. The validness of Big Bang Theory or the belief of expanding universe and some hypothesis were verified or further proved by the continuous discoveries of generations of scientists. The time period is lasting over several billions of years. The article is more about the grand view of the outer space other than earth. As our instructor mentioned, it seems that “human didn’t appear in this space until the last minute. Even though this is a long passage, our mankind play such a small role in the evolving system that it is not worth to mention it. The whole passage shows me a brief introduction of the mysteries solved and unsolved about this amazing universe.

My creation story is more like a fairy tale. I remembered that the instruction was to write a story that you want to tell your daughter. For me, I clearly know that my story is not real at all and not logic in some parts as well. In my mind, I have seen a clear dividing line between a story and an essay. This also reminders me of the “turtle” we were talking last time. To be honest, I didn’t think it as anything worth more serious thinking. I just considered that as Thomas King’s technique to attract reader’s attentions. I felt ridiculous to talk about a simple story that only little kids will believe at first. Then I realize my stereotype of definitions of what’s useful may block me from further exploration critical thinking. My story will definitely be different if I was told to write a scientific one.

Basically, there is barely anything in common or even similar to be compared. The two passages were written for different purpose at all. If I am asked to tell my daughter about how the world was created, I will tell a beautiful fairy tale which consists of the ideals I used to wish this world has. However, one day, just like me, my daughter will find out fairy tales are not true. In most cases, there will be reasonable explanations for the good, the bad, the equal and the unfair. Sometimes, you just have to live with it. Science is a serious, meaningful, useful and required subject. My fairy tale somewhat reveals my fantasy or wishes. On the other hand, scientific articles are more factual not something you can change details for your own purpos


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