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Science & Myths


I think that the Thursday's discussion was interesting and it made more sense to me, since finally our discussion was more factual than philosophical. I enjoyed reading the article the origin of the Universe a lot and I learnt a lot about the Big Bang Theory from the article. To my surprise, most of my classmates felt how small and insignificant we are compared to the vast universe after reading this article. However, what came to my mind is that human beings are one of the most successful species living on earth. We are able to make good use of our advanced technologies to explore the origin of the universe which is far beyond our reach. Even though we are still far away from the final answer to the question, the spirit of the constant exploration of the unknown is encouraging. It is this spirit that differentiates us from any other species existed on earth and enables us to enjoy a more convenient life than ever before. Moreover, I was actually amazed by the fact that there are so many mathematic calculations involved in studying the origin of the universe. I just don't know how scientists relate their observations of the sky to difficult mathematic formulas. Hence, I felt that it was quite difficult to understand some of the concepts if we don't know relevant knowledge.


Back to the question... I think the difference between the stories (Origin of the Universe) we have been discussed on Thursday and the previous stories (Creation Myths) is that they are based on different school of thoughts. It is really difficult for us to tell which one is right and which one is wrong, since it is based on which school of thought you have faith in. However I managed to find a similarity between the two that is both of the stories reflect our human nature: we have faith in things we can never know in our lifetime. We always believe that something does exist and we just don't know what it is. Haha, I found this was interesting, since I start thinking in a way as a philosopher. I would not critique everything that contradicts commonly accepted scientific theories, but I would not support and agree with the ideas blindly. I will make my own judgement based on what I have faith in. Haha, I used the word “faith” many times in my article. “Faith” is a word that is usually used in religion. Is science a new form of religion?? Actually, I think that science is a modern form of religion and all of the scientific theories are supported by reasons. However, the powers of reason are limited and ,hence, imagination also plays an important part in the formation of modern science theories. I think even though some scientists would argue that science is not a new religion, the fundamental purpose of science and religion are somewhat intertwined.


All in all, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong to believe in any school of thought as long as we feel comfortable and as long as it can help us make sense everything happened around us in our lives.



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