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 So I really enjoyed

 So I really enjoyed Thursday's class because instead of talking about stories and myths, we were talking about science.  This I find more interesting mostly because I believe it to be more truthful.  And to me, the mystery of truth is the most interesting.  Although I believe science to be closest to the truth, the idea of scientific theories being only stories is not something I would rule out completely.  I mean, many theories have been thrown-out or amended.  So why not the Big-Bang Theory?  It is a story used to make sense of observations that can't be fully explained.  But like many scientific improvements, I believe we are getting closer and closer to the truth.  While the Big Bang Theory might not be totally 100% accurate, it is in some way, more correct than any previous myth.  Maybe because the universe is so vast, it is too vast to explain or even begin to comprehend.  Maybe we'll never reach the truth.  And if we don't reach the truth, so what? Let people happily fill in the gaps of mystery with their spiritual justifications.  It's what human kind has always done and will continue to do both in the spiritual field and in the scientific field--fill in the gaps for some sort of satisfaction.

As for the small snapshot of the sky...WOW.  We are so small.  But I don't think we are insignificant.  An atom is the smallest particle of matter, yet it is so essential to the overall function of matter 10^56 times it's size.  But, I do like how the snapshot puts things into perspective.  It is important for people to realize they are not the center of the universe.  People are so pre-occupied throughout the day with little things like, finishing homework, making sure to do the laundry, making sure to call a friend about something that happened to you that day.  But when viewing this photo, it makes things like THAT seem insignificant. Like, who cares about these little tidbits of your life? Hello! Look at this huge universe with endless things to discover.  Stop fretting about the small stuff, there really is something bigger going on, something we might never be able to explain.  I hope I'm making sense!


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