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Something that really

Something that really resonated with me from Thursday's class was the idea that the difference between all the scientific stories and myths is that the scientific ones are "observations that need conclusions".

I believe that scientific stories and mythical ones are just that--stories. They were both observations and ideas that someone had to explain the origin of the world or universe. One may have more evidence or be more widely accepted, the big bang, but in all actuality they started off the same way.

The main difference between the scientific explantions and our own creation stories was the simple fact that ours tended to be more focused on the creation of Earth and the human race. In a psychology class I learnt that as a race we are very receptive to faces, voices, and people in general and this leads me to believe that that is why each of my classmates and I wrote humancentric piees. Also, we were very influenced by the creation stories we had read in class, those of different culture and religions, and therefore were much more likely to shape our own creations around them.




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