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Last Week & Influences

One of my all-time favorite t-shirt/poster/bumper sticker designs is a photograph of the milky way, with a arrow pointing into the mass. "You are here" it declares, giving the reader a real quick sense of perspective. Click the link for entertainment's sake. 

Photo of the universe shown in extra large size is an even greater reminder of our individual importance. It's reduced, if you don't understand. "Remember that you're not the center of the universe, remember that you're small," it declares.

I like that. A similar realization came over me a few years ago while upset and unhappy about the way life had treated me, and seeking refuge in the night-time stars. They gave me peace, and sanity. Enlightening. 

The same reflections go for evolution and our timeline link. 

Also, I'm willing to grow and evolve as a person. Hopefully by stating that so boldly, I can attempt to make it as true as possible. I also hope that others can allow me to influence them.

Everyone has something to teach and much to learn. I can't wait to continue!


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