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What is Sticking! My Story!

This year because of the unusual circumstances in my life I found solace in being involved with the inquiry.  I enjoyed how each member of the group was special and each looked at things in their own unique way.  As I watch how the group interacted the group itself created an intricate story board.  I myself found some things difficult but when I looked around others did too!  The story began to take shape.  As my story unfolded I found that part of other people's story became a part of my I was learning.  This will stick with me forever! What will stick most of all is that there are people who are still willing to take chances and explore what they think without looking at it as it being right all the time.  Some things, the its, were difficult at first, such as Sudoku but with patience I became successful at something I would not normally do.  Another sticky thought was how I finally understood how I want to think about thinking, the climax of my story.  The story telling and conversations were the things that kept me hooked during the time when my mind took a down turn.  I was encouraged by the fact that people really care about teaching still and they want to encourage others to get excited about teaching their students to tell their stories.  I really want this year to be different and I will encourage my students to seek the path of conversation through story telling.  I have already gotten some of my colleagues excited about story telling.  I agree with teal, life is a story that is worth telling and we should allow our students stories to shine through in their learning.  This is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter of teaching for me!




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